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Cellfy Semi-Pro Head Mount
Cellfy Semi-Pro Head MountCellfy Semi-Pro Head MountCellfy Semi-Pro Head MountCellfy Semi-Pro Head MountCellfy Semi-Pro Head Mount

Cellfy Semi-Pro Head Mount



The Cellfy Semi-Pro is a more advanced head mount providing and adjustable video capture solution. With purchase you receive the GoPro style head strap apparatus, screw, and Cellfy Mount. The head strap is designed with adjustable straps to fit anyone's noggin. The Cellfy Mount will easily attach via screw/slots to the head strap. The Cellfy Mount can also be purchased separately HERE. This unique mounting system utilizes two 1.5 inch suction cups which attach to the screen of your device with ten lbs of combined holding power, plus an elastic grippy strap that acts as a seatbelt for your phone so it won't come out of the mount. This grippy strap creates a no-slide surface that holds your phone securely in place so to ensure it does not come out of the holster. It requires more than 30 lbs of force to pull the device out from the holster. Don't worry, it straps in nice and tight.  

This unique Head Mount is a great solution for home videos, sporting events, concerts, and much more! The Cellfy Mount is a patent pending system designed to fit almost any smartphone, in any case. You will also get a small pouch for easy storage and transportation while you're on the go. It's so easy to use you can start shooting videos right away, review the footage, and share instantly with your friends online. You don't have to be a PRO to capture hands free video. Go Semi-Pro and save money. You can still get some great footage! Use this product with a Waterproof case, or LifeProof case for more extreme adventures. 

This product is Patent Pending