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Cellfy POV Mount
Cellfy POV MountCellfy POV MountCellfy POV MountCellfy POV MountCellfy POV Mount
Cellfy POV MountCellfy POV MountCellfy POV MountCellfy POV MountCellfy POV Mount

Cellfy POV Mount



The Cellfy POV Mount is a sport mount that allows you use a smartphone for action video recording from your personal Point Of View. This after market mount is operable with any of the GoPro mount products. This universal mount uses to large suction cups which attach to the screen, then wrap the elastic grippy strap around the device to ensure it hold nice and tight.  It just slips into any of the GoPro mount slots, then attaches with the screw. Now you can use the HD recording device you already own, review the footage, edit, and share immediately. This product is Made in the USAHere's how it works:

  • Purchase one of the many GoPro mounts available on the market (Amazon, eBay,
  • Attach the Cellfy Mount to the GoPro mounting slots and insert the screw
  • Suction cup your phone screen to the front facing cups
  • Wrap the elastic Velcro strap around the device (it's like a seatbelt)
  • Tap the record button and begin shooting video 

The front facing suction cups will fit on almost any screen. The elastic Velcro strap will wrap around the device, pressing it onto the cups and ensuring that the device will not fall from the Mount. You don't have to spend $400 just to take some HD action video. Use the device you already have, or use an old Smartphone device that's hiding in your sock drawer, it will still record video!! This product is operable with waterproof cases such as OtterBox, LifeProof, and many more. This product is Patent Pending.


This product has an alternative use built it above and beyond the action camera mount function. This handy mount will also act as a static mount for smooth surfaces, similar to the Cellfy Stic. The elastic strap can be pulled around the backside to create a strap loop. Then attach the Suction Cups to a smooth surface, set a camera timer and slide your device into the open strap loop and tighten it up. 
Use this mount to take photos or record video from smooth surfaces. Watch this quick demo video to see more. 

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