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Cellfy Bag
Cellfy BagCellfy BagCellfy BagCellfy BagCellfy Bag
Cellfy BagCellfy BagCellfy BagCellfy BagCellfy Bag

Cellfy Bag



This product is in Stock, order yours today! The Cellfy Bag is a versatile storage solution for your phone, but also allows for hands free pictures and video. This product is much more convenient that the traditional Selfie Stick. The Cellfy Bag comes in three sizes: Small (ideal for iphone sized phones), Medium (perfect for GS4 or HTC sized phones), and Large which works with any phone and can also store sunglasses while phone is not in the zipper pouch. 

  • Download the timer (TimerCam for iOS, CameraZoomFX for Android)
  • Set it to 30 seconds, or use use time lapse
  • Portrait: Slide the phone into the zipper pouch for portriat orientaiton and slide zipper next to the phone
  • Landscape: Pull out the elastic strap from the front pocket and strap in your phone with lower velcro flap
  • Attach to the suction cup to a smooth surface: mirror, glass, car window
  • Pose hands free! Use all by yourself or in groups.
  • Also try this with cool apps such as Time Lapse videos, or Zoe with HTC One.
  • Want more info on tips and tricks when using Cellfy products? CLICK HERE 

The inside of the pouch includes a soft furry lining to keep your phone safe from scratches.This carrying solution makes storing your phone while on the go easy. The Cellfy Bag contains a variety of cool features that let you:

  • attach the bag to a shoulder strap, or backpack strap
  • attach to a belt via nylon strap loop
  • use your headphones while your phone is stored in the bag
  • front pocket easily stores Credit Cards, ID Cards, money, etc.
  • three sizes to accommodate any phone model on the market (Small, Medium, Large)
If you don't have much experience taking self-photos with a timer CLICK HERE for more info on tips and tricks when using Cellfy products. This product is Patent Pending.