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Cellfy is making a music video!! Wait, what?

 Yeah, that's right, we're making a music video. We've created a parody song of the smash hit "Happy" that was done by Pharrell Williams, but altered the theme of the song to fit with our product line - Cellfy. The music video is a spoof on the official music video for "Happy", utilizing selfie related actions and some fun dancing for the video. The video was shot in Boise, Idaho and includes a broad cast of characters and business owners from around the local community. We really had fun with this. CLICK HERE to watch the video. 

You might ask why we did this? attempts to create some buzz around the new products and help build brand/product awareness not only in the local market, but across the country. Being a small unknown start-up is tough, and working on a limited marketing budget ain't easy. So, we had to get creative in order to spread the word. We're hoping this music video will do that, so feel free to share on FB, or other social media platforms. Stay tuned for the music video release in the next week, and be sure to follow us on IG and FB for more new and products info.