Cellfy Stic? An easier version of the Selfie Stick

Hands free pictures and video just got a whole lot easier. Cellfy products are designed to assist you in taking better quality self-photos. Don't hassle with bulky gadgets like the traditional Selfie Stick. Our patented Cellfy Stic allows you to suspend your phone from any smooth surface around the house, office, or car. Set a timer and pose, it's that easy. Order one today!

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Are you tired of holding your phone while recording video?

The Cellfy Head Mount allows for hands free video capture while you’re at events, parties, or concerts. Works great in any environment where you want to keep both hands free to hold kids, drinks, or food. Our Head Mount is designed to work with most all models of smartphones, no matter if you use a case or not. 

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Cellfy Bag

The Cellfy Bag provides a unique storage solution for a smartphone of any size. The integrated suction cup unfolds from the rear flaps to allow the bag to be suspended from a smooth surface for hands free pictures and video. 

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Ladies, do you take tons of self photos?

This design utilizes an integrated suction cup so you can take hands free pictures and video while at home, at the gym, at work, or on a trip. The bag provides a dual purpose allowing for storage of your phone and wallet items, but also functions as a hands free photo taking accessory. The Wristlet is detachable so you can remove it if you'd like.

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Introducing the Cellfy 26

This tablet gadget is designed to allow for use in more than 26 different configurations with a tablet or smartphone. The detachable kickstand can be removed allowing for a direct mount to smooth surfaces. Now you can take selfies with your tablet! This mount can really do it all. If you have a tablet,  you've got to check this thing out. 

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The Cellfy Wrap is quite handy

Do you like taking selfies in the outdoors? This universal smartphone mount allows you to wrap the mount around a tree, light pole, fence post, or railing. The elastic Velcro strap can tighten for a great hold on nearly anything you encounter. Taking photos in the outdoors just got a whole lot easier! If you like the Cellfy Stic, you'll love this! 

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